How at teen stores

Dear reader, has shopping at H&M been feeling awkward for quite a while lately? Are you morning the loss of a shopping opportunity? Are you stuck between not wanting to look desperate in weird outfits suitable for your daughter but still craving a certain trendy-ness? Well, after having done some research and thinking here are some ideas on how to continue shopping at a teen store avoiding the desperate-young-look

1. pick up classic or ageless trends for a great bargain
2. snatch up lounge wear such as sweat pants, comfy shirts
3. leave experimental prints, shorts, printed shirts for kiddos

 And now_No. No.NO_stop, think again, put it back. Smile happily!

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What do you think? Agree? Not? The BBC just posted a discussion on "What women should be allowed to wear in public?" The argument in China was women should dress demurely in order to avoid being harrassed. Me thinks, this is just a teeny-weeny-slightly-bit sexist. But me might err.