Sagens_Wertes: Geisel_Ugly?

UCSD Geisel Library Dear reader, now this makes me really mad: The Geisel Library was named one the ugliest architectural buildings in the world. Seeing this building and standing in front of it made me soooo proud of being at UCSD. There was no other building on campus like it. I have spent so many nites studying there and every time felt incredibly happy and felt very privilaged of being able to spend time in such an unusual building.

 And although it makes the site here look weird I enlarged the scan to give my library its due ...

credits: UCSD catalogue

So in its latest issue the California Home & Design magazine has picked 25 buildings to be torn down if it were possible. "....For a building that is named after Dr. Seuss (real name: Theodor Seuss Geisel), one would think this building would be more fun than futuristic. Again, maybe we wouldn'tcompletely tear this one down, but, really? If a building is so funky looking that it inspires full-blown urban legends that it appeared as a spaceship in Close Encounters of the Third KindStar Trek and Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, maybe it's time to reconsider your design choices."