Favorite_Outfit: Trenchcoat_Philosophy

Trench: Zara

Dear reader, filming last nite with the actress Alina Levshin and her wearing a simple trench coat and black stiletto slingbacks just made me realize how entrancing a combination it makes. What is it? I think a trenchcoat oozes mystery (think spy, detective), running in Paris thru the rain while at the same time protecting you. What do you think? Whats your take in it? Me, it makes me think of Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca, a movie I not very much like because H.B. has not appeal for me, but the movie captures an atmosphere of desperation, night time, danger, and human tragedy like no other. 

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The costume designer picked black slingback heels quite plain actually for Alina to go with the trench. And the effect was absolutely glamorous.

As you can see my Zara trench is quite short which is the reason I love it. Its so versatile. And although not extravagent that day in any way since the style for a day of walking around Paris had to be as comfortable as possible:)