Staunens_Wertes: The_Magic_of_Blue I

I know blue has already come up so I wonder what it is about the color and its magic? Mystery? Beauty? Some may even think its boring. Is it? Just chck out the different shades and the effect it has on you. So one of my favorite fashion shows or impressions of blue was Chanel and its presentations of 154 varieties of that magical color. But my all time favorite is Yves Klein and his invention of that special blue. Museum Yves Klein France Let's see is there anything blue I don't like? Absolutely: blue nail polish, Don't care if its blue, turqoise (a killer otherwise if are asking me) green, teal, you name it. My phone is blue as well. Had to get a bright color so I would be able to find it:) There is also a book about "blue" by Alexander Theroux.

Chanel Collection Haute Couture 2012