Machens_Wertes: TennisTheater

Das Wochenende-the weekend

Saturday at the theater "Die Geisterfahrer" so you will be able to read my review here by the end of the week and have a great idea to check out if you are looking for good entertainment off-off broadway Frankfurt! I sorta missed the soccer match but am not really sorry. Aber dass der Torwart der Bayern, Manuel Neuer einen Elfer verwandelte, ist schon fabelhaft!*******************************************************

Sunday started with a relaxing brunch at Sachsenhausen Depot. Its close to Südbahnhof, Schwanenthaler Straße. For only 15,99 € its an all-you-can eat buffet with an amazing choice of waffles, pastry, breakfast, coffee, freshly pressed OJ, etc. Reservation recommended for weekends! Well after that I was off to the Tennis court. And since some players needed some extra time to finish their match in the heat it went on until dark. And the team went home happy winners.