Style comment

Michelle Obama is being praized for her style icon like qualities like many other women in the public eye. When it comes to their potential of incresing designers sales and improving their chances of doing well in business as far as I am concerned they could put on multiple dresses at the same time. These women seem to be aware of their power to promote so let them use it. But now: does wearing a nice dress make you a style icon?

Not necessarily; honestly? Most of the time the stuff Michelle Obama wears I would not want to be caught dead in. Don't get me wrong: She comes across as a very strong woman who knows her own mind. But that make over she had to undergo for political reasons? All-doting-caring_mommey? Pleeaaaaazzzzzeee! The clothes don't suit her most of the time, it clashes with her physical presence and persona. Strong colors like that teal evening gown she wore for the Cameron's state visit? Exquisit. Strong colors for a strong woman. So all in all when it comes to matching choices: someone like Sam Cameron has icon potential because her clothes match her personality.

 credits: Los Angeles Times;