Inside My Style: 5 Q&A's

Hallo zusammen, gleiche Frage, andere Antwort. Keine Stylistin ist wie die andere, daher hier meine Antworten auf die besten Stilfragen:

Flats or heels? 
Thanks to wedges I can now wear heels during the day. Which is great in summer, however for running errands its definitely flats.
2. When I’m blogging I’m wearing… 
clothes depending on the weather and the season and the location. So at home I would be in my favorite home wear sweats with a facial mask.
3. Three summer trends you are obsessed with?
Beach inspired jewellery, stripes, and getting used to wearing glasses for the first time in life.
4. I will never ever throw away my...
my wonderful wedding dress
5. Fashion trend that should never make a comeback? 
They can all come back after I am gone:) Having to live thru a trend like the 80s once more bores me but the way older periods are being updated is quite amazing. I am think of Prada's Punk like interpretation of the 50s.




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