Lebens_Wertes: My_Favorite_Airports

Hey all, being on vacation I was thinking I wanted to blog something about the places that welcome you or that are the first and last thing you see at a new destination. So I have been wrecking my mind to come up with my top three airports. Well, actually two of them were pretty easy to pick because I think they are outstanding in their own way. So here goes:

III. San Diego Lindbergh Field
Just for the great name the city of my heart and for its killer location right in the city.

credits: Pacific San Diego Magazine; Brevin Blach

Well, whenever I need to feel the World thats the place to go. You just breathe it in.

credits: Fraport.com

I. Edinburgh
Hardly anything ever more welcoming, relaxing, small, with attention to detail. #Poetry in the city. #Love for the city! Follow me on bloglovin!