Liebens_Wertes: MyRealGatsby

credits:, Matthew Tatom

Dear reader, Gatsby and I have a special relationship. Its over now but it lasted a little more than three months. You could call it a fling for the duration but the truth is he has never really left me and vice versa. Ever since I read the last chapter for the last time after having gone thru it again and again and the university degree in my hands Fitzgeralds novel and its special tragedy, charm, beautiful American language have stayed with me. 

Add to that Robert Redfords Jay Gatsby who has been escorting me as well, if I may call it that. So imagine my utter astonishment and disbelieve when I first heard of a remake and then the cast. To be fair I gotta admit Leonrdo di Caprio isn't one of my favorites. But it seems to me they are all posing in beautiful costumes. 

So decided to get a copy of Redford/Farrow version and enjoy it. Follow me on bloglovin!

Preview Cinestar Metropolis: