Liebens_Wertes: Beginning_With_Coco: Chanel by KL movie

Dear reader, Mme Coco Chanel must have had a not easy start in life with living in a convent which she hated and more or less making up the story of her life as it was developing. But on the other hand her peers were artists like Cousteau, Picasso, she managed to make her own fortune from very limited roots usually through the help of men that she met and that came along. 

I don't think that she had an easy going nature but must have been very fascinating and every time I am in Paris I just love standing in front of the Rue Cambon, starring at those famous mirrored steps. Last time a security guard got suspicious because I kept just standing there and was wondering what it must have been like. So am totally thrilled about movie

It will be published May 8 on Chanel News at the same time as its premiere in Singapore as was reported by Modepilot. Follow me on bloglovin!

Chanel: Goethestraße