Zeil: No Xmas_We're_Merchants!

Peel&Cloppenburg, Zeil

Douglas, Zeil
Dear reader, living in a city featuring one of the longest shopping streets in Europe you would think stores would be falling over each other for the best decoration proudly 
presenting themselves and their location. But lo! No! 
And don't let these lights fool you. Zeil is dark as can be. As was reported by the Metro 
section of F.A.Z. interest groups of merchants were unwilling because: of the costs. So, we're merchants and might have some sense of how to make money but none whatsover when it comes to image and presentation. The organization "Neue Zeil" was quoted as saying they were definitely going to come up with some ideas in "2013"...Frankfurt is always proudly calling itself a micro metropolis. As it is, this represents quite the small town spirit. Humbug! Follow me on bloglovin!