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On Professional Amateur Theater upcoming season

 credits: varia-intl.com

* Omlett Komplett, the highly successful Improv group is excited and looking forward to celebrating in December! JubiläumsWorkshop, Leipziger Str. 47, 2.12., 20:15 Uhr. On Dec 2, you can watch their fun and creative improv doings at Kleinkunstbühne BabylonOmlett Komplett self reference:
 "Aus Ideen und Stichworten des Publikums mixen wir auf der Bühne ein Überraschungs-Omlett, frisch zubereitet, kräftig gewürzt und doch leicht bekömmlich -Theater-Szenen, die die Welt noch nicht gesehen hat undnie wieder sehen wird"

* The ensemble at Interkulturelle Bühne Bornheim is planning its new season. This weekend things are hoppin' -again- at IKB with its well-known "Days of Respect" featuring cabaret, improv, bands, and more. 

* another  independent theater group is busy rehearsing "Der Polnische Patient-zwischen Wahn und Wirklichkeit". This play written by Simon Zawalinski -who when not writing plays, manages to run a newsstand across from Hugendubel in the city cente - is about an illegal polish worker. In real life you can see them waiting for work in Hanauer Landstr. across the ECB construction site. Polish women usually come here to work as cleaning ladys or nurses for the elderly. This play deals not only with clichés about illegal workers and inhabitants. Its also about dependency in relationships, weakness and submission. Its going to be a performance where fiction and reality merge.

*The amateur Frankfurt English Speaking Theatre (FEST) is calling for rehearsals for its Spring production play "Much Ado About Nothing". Know the author? Saalbau Gallus, 7.30 p.m., Vereinsraum 2. Good luck!

* Bockenheimer Theater Ensemble (BTE) is rehearsing a theater version of "Harry and Sally" with opening nite in March 2013 as well as Anton Czechov. Both at IKB, Bornheim.

* After their highly praised "Jedermann" summer production the Theater im Park Oberursel is in its early stages for "Momo".

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