NYC: Fashion Nite out Sep 6th_Street_Report

 Carolina Herrera
 @Anthropologie store downtown, West Broadway

 @Maybelline Make-over lounge downtown

 @Anthropologie waiting 4 the rock to roll.

 @Calypso, Hudson St. Boy am I glad to have left the credit card at home! There isn't a garment in their store I would not have desired to snatch.

@Meatpacking district limos where stopping, photographers waiting and thin women in tight dresses, with those long legs, and skyhigh stilettos were finally showing. Do they sleep all day? I had been wondering because to my utter delight female body shapes appeared quite normal and nothing out of the ordinary. Until one day in Soho a young woman with-of course blonde hair, crossed my path. Her legs were almost as thin as my arms and I just kept following her for a while to let sink in what my eyes couldn't believe.
Just looking at her made me hungry so I went to one of the most pleasurable delicious snack places: Luke's Lobster. 
More on food later....

Well, Fashion Nite Out really appeals to me. You wander from one store to the next one trying on new stuff while stores are serving drinks. So you fill yourself up with bubbles at Calypso and have a cocktail at anthropologie, sounds fantastic? Well it was....And I am going to show you what I got but due to jetlag haven't been able to post, move, do anthing at alll....*sigh*