Liebens_Wertes: Boatshoe_Love


Bahama canvas white/Navy, Twenga, 60€

My darlings and the sensible but unloved ones below

Dear reader, I have a confesion to make. I love boat shoes. Always have, always will. There is a pair of mine (my darlings above) I have had the priviledge of calling them my own for more than 25 years now! They're leather, and have had to be repaired many a times. And they have also felt the pain of rejection. Because I walked into a repair store once and the shoe maker flatly refused, yes r-e-f-u-s-d, to sew them up again. Me and my boat shoes remained calm and just went straight onto a simple and cheap but customer friendly service shoe repair booth at a department store, I think it was at Karstadt (which is in the hands of that do-no-good investor Nicolas Berggruen awaiting its doom btw), the guy, not Berggruen, earned himself a generous tip, I left happy as can be, the shoes have survived all sorts of waters, and we are still going strong up to this very day! The End.