Lebens_Wertes: Untere_Bergerstraße_treasure_hunting

 You want to just sit down, have a coffee and -who knows-come across a new read? Well, in Bornheim there's Cafe Ypsilon. A bookstore-Cafe´. It also hosts monthly Monday meetings of famous "Cafe Crawl": popular gathering of expats, lovers of English language, professionals looking for a network. So you will find all sorts of interesting people there. For me it just reminds me of a cafe in Del Mar, CA. Next to my favorite cafe The Panekin, there was a bookstore so I was in and out all the time. And I miss it so badly:)Plus: As you can see Berger Straße is one of the very few really great place for extraordinary accessoires or unique finds for your place.
Look at the vase; very often it just takes one thing to create a certain atmosphere in a room or give it that special something. So I guess will go back there:)